Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I just joined BookCrossing.com (again!)

I joined this website a few years ago upon recommendation of a friend.  However, I never became an active participant, probably because I didn't really understand the process or the purpose, and the site left my memory completely.  I recently came across it again during a boring Sunday afternoon while clicking on that wonderfully addictive StumbleUpon button. 

The idea of BookCrossing immediately caught my interest but when I went to register for an account, it told me that my email address was already registered.  Lo and behold... it was!  And now I'm ready to get started.

What is BookCrossing?  It's a wonderful way to share alllllll of those books that are taking up room on the shelves of your home (or office or storage space or wherever) and are not being enjoyed (at the moment) by anyone.  (Honestly, I have some books lying sideways on the shelf.  It's time to let them go!) 

The basic premise is that you label your book with a unique ID number, register it on the book crossing website and then leave it in a conspicuous place so that someone else will take it, log the location, read it, and then continue to pass it on.  If readers are (hopefully) willing to log the book in before passing it on to someone else, you will be able to see the journey of your book.  I love that idea!

So I'm just getting started.  I'm ordering pre-numbered labels and "I'm Free" stickers and have a list of great books in mind that I plan to pass on.  I just need a few locations.  Work comes to mind, of course, since I work in the home office of a large bank.  I don't go to Starbucks or fast food restaurants very often but they seem to be ideal locations as well.  I also plan to send a couple books with my parents on their cruise next month; who knows where those books could end up.  I'll try to chronicle my books' journeys here.  I'm hoping that this turns out to be a fun and interesting experience!

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