Monday, March 31, 2008

More good news on the Obama front...

Great news! Barack Obama just received another endorsement from Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Sen. Obama is slowly catching up to Sen. Clinton in pledged delegates. In fact, "since Super Tuesday on February 5, Obama has added more than twice as many to his total as she has, 106-50. Since the March 4 contests, the trend is greater than 3-to-1." (CNN). And to think he did all that without filling our heads with lies and personal visions of grandeur. How about that?!?!

Congrats, Sen. Obama. Thanks Sen. Klobuchar.

Yes we can!
Obama '08

Goodbye Mr. C

I've been working for Commerce Bank for just over three years now. During this time they have been pounding it into our heads that it's more than a bank, it's a culture. But the moment Mr. Hill left, the culture turned on itself and sold out to the highest bidder. Today is our transition day. New pins, new name, no longer listed as CBH on the stock market. The biggest question in everyone's mind? What do I do with all the RED in my wardrobe? Do I replace it with GREEN? At any rate, the old Commerce is officially gone. Hope Mr. C finds a new home where they appreciate him.

Shoutout to Sean Levert

In case you hadn't heard, 39 year old Sean Levert passed away over the weekend. Right now the cause is unknown (or known but unannounced). This nearly two years after his big brother (and R&B Superstar) Gerald passed away at the age of 40. I am so sad for his family to have had such powerful highs only to meet such untimely ends. Levert was one of my favorite groups when they were big. They found their popularity when I was in college. On a choir tour to Altanta, the group members were staying at our hotel and were kind enough to stop and chat with some of us just passing by them in the lobby. They were just regular guys. Also, the first time my hubby and I went on a date (although at the time it was with other people...) it was to a Levert concert in Philly. So they elicit memories for me.

My heart goes out to the family. Rest in peace Sean. Say hello to Gerald from all of us. You will both be dearly missed!

Diet Hell!

Ok. Here I am again in diet hell. Trying to lost that extra 30 lbs of "baby fat" before we go to Mexico this summer and some kid tries to un-beach me in my blue one-piece speedo. Dieting is the hardest thing in the world for me. On top of amazing will-power, you also have to wear invisible sensor-blinders. I used watch the Food Network when there's nothing else on. Today I watched the Science Channel and Discovery Health (a great channel for surpressing any appetite!) Cooking for the family is also difficult. I want to eat the things that they can eat. But I put on the blinders and ate my chicken and broccoli and pretended that those potatoes didn't even exist. Commercials are also a killer. Gosh, I love Taco Bell. It's only been a few days but my determination is steadfast. I reach a major milestone this year and refuse to be a 40 year old "14" (although I may be back up there by 41. Ha! Ha!) Let's see how I do...

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