Saturday, September 29, 2012

I finally got my BC stickers!

The package from Book Crossing came today with my ID labels and the "I'm not lost" stickers.  Yay!!!  I'm trying to decide now where to leave my first book.  I have chosen The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.  It got rave reviews after its release as it was a great reader but I had a lot of trouble with it (on an emotional level).  I prefer books that have action and magic and fantasy and murder and mayhem.  This book was expertly written but was more emotional than was comfortable for me.  (I usually max out at about the Nicholas Sparks level!)  And it's definitely NOT for kids. I'm hoping someone that loves this type of story will pick it up, read it and love it.

Since the day is a bit overcast, I'm hesitant to leave it outside on a park bench.  And I've already been to the grocery store today (and dance class and GameStop and even our township rec center) so they are all out!  Maybe I'll take a quick trip to the mall and leave it on one of the benches.  In fact, maybe I'll do a few more and leave them on several benches.  I'd be so thrilled if someone picked one up and logged it in within the next couple of days.  Ok, here goes...

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