Saturday, August 7, 2010

Step Up 3D Review

We are HUGE fans of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  It's undoubtedly my favorite show.  Every year we meet and feel passionate about new dancers and have watched as some of their careers have risen at meteoric rates.  This year the show brought back All-Stars so we have been treated to a wonderful season of seeing some of our favs again and again.

So any dance movie produced by Adam Shankman and starring the likes of Choreographer Dave Scott and dancers Twitch Boss, Joshua Allen, Musa Cooper, Legacy Perez, Ashlee Nino, and Ivan Koumaev, all of SYTYCD fame, was a must-see summer event for us.

Well...  If you are looking for great acting and a plausible storyline, this is certainly NOT the place where you want to spend $15 and 2 hours of your life.  The acting was horrendous.  The only actor that I even recognized was Disney kid Alyson Stoner, who I first recognized as a backup dancer for Missy Elliott but has made several movies, her own TV show and tons of TV commercials since then.  As expected, she was terrific.  Everyone else... eh!

The plot was predictable and, really, I couldn't have cared less for the characters' plight. They were nice kids but I really just wanted them to get to the dancing.

However, if you like dance, especially hip hop, crunk, be-boy, locking, popping, parkour and breakdancing, then this movie is a MUST SEE!!!   (They even threw in a little bit of tango.  It was very classy!)

I have to admit that I don't know if I would have enjoyed the movie as much if we hadn't chosen to see it in 3D.  The effects were magnificent (the colors, the lights, the Icees - you'll see!).  The dancing was phenomenal.  Everything from their rehearsals to the big battle scenes were spectacular to watch.  So good, in fact, that the small audience in the theater applauded wildly after the final battle scene ended.  It was that good!

I wish they had shown more of Johsua Allen - he was the Season 4 winner of SYTYCD. This would have been a great place to showcase his many talents to the masses, beyond the audience of the show.

So, while the acting was mediocre and the plot was contrived and corny, the dancing makes it all worthwhile!  Next time they should just forget the storyline altogether and let those awesome dancers just do what they do.  Dance!

The movie is rated PG-13 but I went with my 12 year old daughter and didn't find anything particularly offensive in the film.  No sex, no nudity, no real violence, just a little kissing.  Enjoy!

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