Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nook Flux

So... I'm still in Nook limbo.  I did receive my new Nook yesterday, as promised.  I opened the boxes and threw it on the charger and then did some running around with Darryl.  When I got home, I settled myself down to re-load my wallpapers, screen savers and books.  

When I started the system up, I noticed a few shadowy lines in the background of my screen.  I ignored them, at first, and kept on with my re-registration process and adding my WiFi data which all went very smoothly.  But I could still see the shadows in the background.  I clicked on a book in my library and opened it up.  I could still see the shadows but it wasn't so bad.  I thought, "It's just my imagination.  I can live with this." 

Let's hope the next unit is NEW and not another refurb!
Then I turned a page.  Not only do I still see the shadows but I have a double flash and I see rows and rows of vertical lines running through my unit.  "Ugh!"  I tried it again.  Two flashes, lots of lines.  "Huge sigh!"  I called B&N again and spoke to Jerome, who was very patient with me while I explained to him that my supposedly "new" unit has double flashes, shadows and lots of lines. 

He walked me through the whole reset six times routine and... you guessed it... I still had lines.  So, I put BOTH units in the box I just received, wrapped them up tightly and am headed to the post office this afternoon to make sure that they get back to B&N safe and sound.  And my THIRD unit is on it's way.  I still love the Nook. I'm not giving up!  Let's just hope this one's the keeper!

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