Monday, March 31, 2008

Shoutout to Sean Levert

In case you hadn't heard, 39 year old Sean Levert passed away over the weekend. Right now the cause is unknown (or known but unannounced). This nearly two years after his big brother (and R&B Superstar) Gerald passed away at the age of 40. I am so sad for his family to have had such powerful highs only to meet such untimely ends. Levert was one of my favorite groups when they were big. They found their popularity when I was in college. On a choir tour to Altanta, the group members were staying at our hotel and were kind enough to stop and chat with some of us just passing by them in the lobby. They were just regular guys. Also, the first time my hubby and I went on a date (although at the time it was with other people...) it was to a Levert concert in Philly. So they elicit memories for me.

My heart goes out to the family. Rest in peace Sean. Say hello to Gerald from all of us. You will both be dearly missed!

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