Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures with Tofurky

I’ve never been very good at packing lunch. First of all, my office is always freezing so the idea of a hot lunch is always appealing. I drink coffee and tea all day long just to keep my insides warm. So when Lauryn suggested, as part of our dive into vegetarianism, that we buy Tofurky (for those of you not familiar, it is turkey-flavored tofu. I know… sounds delicious!) I was slightly hesitant. Ok, I was two aisles away when she convinced me to go back and take another look.

For some reason, I pictured myself having to slice pieces of Tofurky from a giant, gelatinous loaf for our lunches. It wasn’t that way at all. In fact, the package looks pretty much like Oscar Mayer or Butterball and the “turkey” was pre-sliced.

The consistency was pretty much like actual turkey and, surprisingly, so was the taste. The coloring is a little darker, which would be disconcerting to someone like my husband who only eats tofu when it’s floating in his miso soup. But we added whole grain flatbread, a little mayo, a little mustard and a couple slices of colby jack cheese and lunch was “in the bag!” (I know but I couldn’t resist!)

All-in-all, I would give Tofurky a great rating! And, let’s face it; it’s even fun to say!

When Lauryn came home from school yesterday, I asked how her lunch was. She said she loved it and took the same sandwich again today. We seem to have a winner!

And the pescetarian adventures continue…

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