Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Soap Box Moment

You know, I keep thinking about things like this and this, And (yes, glass half full again) what we have to realize is that Obama wouldn't be where he is now if more than half of the country wasn't over this whole horrible racism thing. When we went to work at the Obama HQ last weekend, we were the only Black people there. All of the other workers, old and young, were of some other nationality. We met a kid on the street that was clearly American but his family was from Pakistan. He said he was amazed at the number of people that were still supporting McCain.

Muslims are lining up behind Obama, Jews are lining up behind Obama, as well as all of those cultures and "large" towns that the GOP has snubbed or neglected. Obama crosses all racial lines, not just black and white. Even other countries are lining up behind Obama and prominent Republicans other than Colin Powell are defecting like Cubans from the old Castro regime.

Oh, and by the way... Al-Qaeda supports McCain. If they had come out with a statement like that regarding Obama, McNasty's people would have been all over it. Robo-dialing would never have seen such fervor! (Fortunately, we Hope-mongers are above that sort of thing!) Instead, McShame's representatives held a press conference to make the claim seem absolutely incredible. Could that be any sweeter? Couldn't have happened at a better time. Awesome!!

This soap box moment has been brought to you by the good feelings about the Obama/Biden 2008 campaign! :-)

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