Monday, July 14, 2008

A Lewis Family Reunion

On Saturday, the Lewis Family had a reunion celebration that was long overdue. My mom, all of her brothers and sisters, their spouses and children and all of their grandchildren (as well as some close family friends) got together for a barbecue and swim party. It was a wonderful day! Check out some of the photos from the event.

The Whole Gang!

Shannon, Tony, Lexi, Linda, Stephanie & Torrey

Ryan, Freddy and Bryce

Ryan, Bryce, Freddy, Shirley & Sammy

Tee, Kim, Teddy, Elyssa & Cierra

Darryl, Casi, Lauryn, Jimmy, Joe'y, Jordan, Jim & Evonne

G.G. Ann

Jeannie, John, Jan & Ty

Stephanie, Torrey & Lexi

The sibs!

The Grandkids (minus Cierra!)

Look! There's Cierra! :-)

Charles, Max & Andrienne

Ryan, Lesley, Milo and Chase

Sandra, Casi and Lesley

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