Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Huffington Post Launches FearWatch '08

In nationwide polls regarding the 2008 election, Barack Obama beats John McCain in every category except for one: Terrorism. And because he knows this, he will use that fact, and "accidental slips" like those made by his chief campaign advisor Charlie Black to place fear into the minds of the American people and scare us into voting for him in November. The Huffington Post is going to make sure that this tactic won't work:

But things are always less scary when the lights are on -- so throughout the campaign HuffPost will be conducting a FearWatch, keeping our eyes peeled for the lowest, most base attempts to scare voters into voting their fears, and collecting them on a FearWatch08 page.
Hopefully, this will keep the truth in the light and people will be more apt to vote their hearts and not their fears. We really can't have another four years of a Bush regime. The country just can't afford it anymore.

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