Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Generation of Change

"...what I really hope people take away from that night is that this is not just a victory for African Americans, it is a victory for democracy that proves that our country provides possibilities for all people. It is also a sign that a metamorphosis is in progress."

These were the touching words made by Bishop TD Jakes yesterday regarding Barack Obama's victory of the Democratic Nomination. Because no matter what the outcome is in November, in a way, Black Americans have already won. An Obama victory in the next leg of this battle would be icing on a richly deserved cake. As one CNN analyst said the other day, "we are only one generation from the Civil Rights movement." What a powerful idea. Martin Luther King, Jr. died one month before I was born. My parents were thick within the movement era. They are among a large group of people who are still young and vibrant and active enough to have a say in this election and to REALLY know what it means.

I am in Obama's generation. I have never had to struggle for freedom, although I have found that, growing up as a Black child in a predominantly white community, my life has been a struggle for acceptance. What I have grown to realize is that the only one that had to accept me was ME. After that, everything else just fell into place.

And like Bishop Jakes states in his commentary, I also sat with my children during Obama's victory speech. Because nothing that McCain or Clinton could say (or NOT say) could take this amazingly historic moment away from us. I will always remember. My children will always remember. Theirs is no longer a generation built on the painful memories of 9/11. Now, my children are officially members of The Generation of Change!

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