Thursday, May 15, 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama

It's one of the two major endorsements that we've been waiting for. (Al Gore's is the other!) John Edwards has finally decided to make the move to endorse Obama for President. This, carefully planned after a landslide loss in West Virginia, not only takes the spotlight from Senator Clinton, but also increases Obama's stock with working-class whites, an area which Clinton and Edwards have both previously dominated. Is Edwards setting himself up for the Vice Presidency? I certainly hope so. This is the ticket I have been dreaming of for months now. This would be a great uniter for the party and John Edwards brings the same down home honesty that Obama brings. As of 11:30 am on May 15th, Obama is only 133.5 delegates away from the nomination. And if Edwards' supporters follow suit, he will be that much closer to clinching the nod. Thank you, John Edwards. Let's get this dream ticket rolling!

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