Thursday, May 1, 2008

And the winner is...

Last night Lauryn and I went to a Sushi 101 class at our local Benihana restaurant. Anyone who knows Lauryn knows these two facts: a) she loves to cook, b) she loves Sushi. Put the two together and she is in her glory. So Darryl signed us up and we had a ball. We got an overview of the history of Sushi in Japan, the proper etiquette when you are at a Sushi Bar, some great Japanese phrases, how to make good quality sushi rice, and then we had a hands-on lesson on how to make a California Roll, Banihana style.

We returned to our tables and Chef Tony judged our rolls. Guess who the winner was? My own personal Resident Chef, Lauryn! Out of all of the adults there (and only two kids) she was the winner! I was so proud of her! She said, "It was so easy, I must be a natural." I completely agree! She won a gift certificate for a complete Sushi dinner for two. She said she's going to bring her Dad back since it was his idea to sign us up in the first place. What a wonderful night. We learned a lot, ate well and are now comfortable with making our own Maki rolls.

Great job, Lauryn!

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